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What People Say

How real people said about INK.


Girinath Mohan

Student, University of Siegen, Germany
"INK is a platform in which everyone can share their knowledge, skill,exposure and experience to everyone in the world. The main objective of INK is to connect people globally and share their knowledge. Since experience is a great teacher, sharing experience will help everyone to grow."

Shivendra Sathvik

RWTH Aachen, Germany
"INK - International Network of Knowledge is an initiative started by aspiring students with a goal for Global Knowledge Sharing. INK is an opportunity for students, graduates, professionals and experts to share knowledge and connect with aspirants around the world."

Mohammed Ibrahim

Global Partnerships Manager, KCT, India
"INK is an organization built by students, later turned out as successful graduates, having a vision global knowledge sharing with best of experience to knowledge seekers."
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Nishanth Sivaswamy

International Partnerships Manager, India
"INK with “Global Knowledge Sharing” as its vision connects right people @ right time. The developing INK’s network focuses the vision into an elite mission. It initiates a chain link among a student - to a University - to an Industry - to a professional - to a Start-Up - to an Incubator - And to a Business. INK anchors the activities between its stake holders."

Aravinth Palaniswamy

Consultant, Vision R GmbH, Germany
"INK is a first of its kind initiative started by like minded individuals backed by educational experts and leaders. It is a reality of a thought that every student or entrepreneur living abroad will have."

Manu Sasidharan

Researcher – Univ. of Birmingham, UK
“INK is a futuristic initiative that visions to enhance learning and enable engagement through entrepreneurship on a global platform!”

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